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Welcome to the Australian Equine Genetics Research Centre
Our mission is to create a platform of genetic knowledge and expertise to enhance the productivity, profitability and competitiveness of the Australian racing industry, and of other breeds and species.

About us:

The Australian Equine Genetics Research Centre (AEGRC), formerly the Australian Equine Blood Typing Laboratory, was established in 1985 to provide independent parentage verification of all Thoroughbred foals, as a prerequisite for foal entry into the Australian Stud Book. The AEGRC is funded under an agreement between The University of Queensland and the proprietors of the Australian Stud Book (1985-2014: the Australian Turf Club and the Victoria Racing Club; 2014 to present: Racing Information Services Australia).

Since 2006 the AEGRC has held continuous ISO9001 Quality Management Certification specifically for equine genetics testing, including parentage verification, genetic screening for inherited diseases and coat colours, and forensic DNA identification for Thoroughbred racing authorities and police services.